I can still remember the first time I got to hold a camera. I was 6 years old & certain I knew exactly what to do; now I just had to convince my mom of the same thing. Do you remember as a child when someone would tell you your birthday was in 2 weeks and you thought you might actually, physically die before that day would ever come? That is how I felt when my mom would tell me, “Not today, honey,” during my daily begging ritual to use her camera. Finally, that fateful day came; my mom gave in & handed the camera over. In hindsight my mom had just freshened up from a long, hard day of work, complete with a fresh hair style and make-up. If you are a mom then you know what a rarity it is to A) have a chance to even shower some days, and B) have someone offer to take your picture when you look good! Thus, it was a win-win at that point. The house was a bustle with the evening to-dos but mom took this moment just for me. She plopped down on the couch for an impromptu shot- my baby sister cuddled into mom & her long, curled locks, while my other sister peaked at the camera over mom's shoulder, then *click.* - a photographer was born. I still come across that picture every now & again and can't help but smile.

Fast-forward to today- I am a wife & mom to 3 of my own. The chaos of motherhood wavers between exhilarating & exhausting but one thing I know for sure- there is a lot of love & laughter every day. To bottle up all those intangible life moments would be the best gift ever. I rely on photographs to savour life. I see the necessity for tradition- dressing to the 9's for a formal, family Christmas picture is always a must-do in our home; but I revel in the unscripted moments; taking a backseat & just letting life unfold in front of my camera- capturing life through a lens.